Transfer money to Poland

If you want to send money do Poland you are in the right place!
We will help you transfer your money quickly and safely to Poland and other European countries. Whether you are an individual, you run a business, we can help you save money on currency exchange and avoid high bank charges.

How to transfer money from abroad to an account in Poland

If you want to make a transfer you will need:
  • full 26 -digit account number of your recipient with "PL " before the account number / IBAN /
  • name of the recipient or the name of the company in case of transfer to the business account. Name/ company name of the recipient must agree with the account details held be the bank, otherwise the transfer might be held back by the bank until the correct details are provided.
  • address of the recipient of the transfer
  • transfer title/reference
  • BIC / SWIFT of bank of recipient
  • the name and address of the recipient's bank (for confirmation only)
  • SORT CODE (for confirmation only)
If you need any helpl with your first transfer please give us a call and we will be happy to help you. Our offices are open from 9am to 5pm Mon-Sat.

If you are ready to talk please call 0208 133 8993.

Sending money easy as 1-2-3


Enter amount

Tell us how much you want to send, the country it is going to and how you would like the recipient to get their money.

Add recipient

Choose from a list of people you have sent to in the past, or add a new recipient by entering their name, address and other relevant information such as bank account number.

Send Money

Decide how you would like to pay for the transfer then confirm the amount. Both you and the recipient will get notifications by SMS/e-mail when the money is sent and received.

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