Foreign Properties

Buying or Selling a Property Overseas

If you're buying or selling a property overseas or you have got a mortgage on an overseas property, you'll find there's a lot to think about.

Talking to us will eliminate at least one of those complications – your currency exchange. Even if you are selling, you will need to move your money home - so we will make sure you don't lose out when you are arranging the transfer. In all of these cases we will set up a system that will save you time and a rate that will save you money. Easy!

One of the reasons our customers are so happy is that we are constantly beating the banks on exchange rates – and when you are talking 3-5% on the value of a house this might be a lot. So, whether you're converting pounds to euros, or dollars to polish zloty, we can help. We won't puzzle you with jargon or add any sneaky fees into the mix. We aim to provide just a friendly, informative and helpful service. Let's talk.

See how much you can save with us. Join us today!

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